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Beoplay H8 & H9 Headphone Review – My Fiancée Literally Cried Listening to These

The title of this post isn’t even hyperbole or regular clickbait. I swear on my mother’s eyes it’s true.

Over the last two weeks I’ve had the chance to borrow a pair of Beoplay H8’s and H9’s to play around with to give me an idea of where the improvements have been made. This was my first chance to play with noise cancelling wireless headphones so it was a pretty buzzy experience.

The over-ear H9. The chick in the header image is wearing the lighter coloured pair.

The H9’s are the latest release by Beoplay and are solid over ear headphones with amazing sound and active noise cancelling capabilities. The right ear surface is touch sensitive, and bluetooths to your phone instructions as you do various gestures on it. Spinning your finger around on it while turn the volume up and down while swiping up or down enables noise cancelling. This will probably be the first gesture you use as you marvel at the drone of the motorway disappearing, and your ears feeling like they’ve got a weird pressure on them as if they’ve been submerged underwater or something.

Beoplay H9’s

Tapping your finger on the side will also pause and play tracks, while swiping backwards and forwards will be the easiest way to navigate your tracklist if you’re away from your device.

Bluetoothing has it’s usual range of up to 10 metres. Indoors this means that as long as you’re in the same room as your iPad you can have a silent disco. However a wall or two will quickly cut the sound out. Commuting with a pair of these means that you won’t get tangled up in wires or anything, and the slick build quality and sexy leather of Beoplays tech means you won’t feel like a doofus for wearing an over ear set.

The old H8’s are near identical, their main identifier being their on-ear build. If you wanted to find a pair that would really immerse you at the office or home I do really recommend making the jump to the H9’s.

Using the above track as my test song I swapped between the pairs to see what set them apart. The H9’s are more balanced, crisp and “spacious” feeling with its sound, while the H8’s thud harder with the bass, possibly due to being on-ears.

Connecting them up is pretty straight forward, with an on button on the side. Sliding it up as far as it can go for a few seconds will set a little LED flashing, which lets you know it’s ready to pair with your phone, which from there connects quickly.

Some dude giving someone out of frame the evil eyes while wearing his H8’s

Boxed inside is an aux cable though if you wanted to plug into your PC, as well as a micro usb for charging. One last bonus is a bag to keep them in.

The H9s can noise cancel and play music for 14 hours straight, but I found over the workday it could last me a few days before I’d needed to plug it in for a few hours to get it back to full charge.

If you don’t flick the switch on the side when it’s Aux’d in the sound will come out a little quieter and muffled, but when you flick it on it’s like night and day.

On the first day I brought them home my Fiancée ran off with the H9’s and burrowed into a corner. I wanted her opinion on them so I left her to it. When I came back later I found she had tears running down her face as she was staring out the window.

The on ear H8’s acting all seductive.

“Are you ok? What happened?” I thought for sure something was wrong, but she was literally crying at how good it sounded. “It’s like I’m hearing music for the first time again.” she told me later.

I guess that’s our generation though, only hearing things on cheap shoddy PC desktop speakers.

Both the H9’s and H8’s feel “expensive heavy” and feel as though they could take a bit of a beating, however they’re so nice, I really don’t want them to undergo anything like that.

Do I recommend these things? Hell yeah.

Beoplay H9 launches in two colours, Black and Argilla Grey, and is available for a suggested retail price of NZD $879. You can find the H8’s at selected Harvey Normans

More info on their site.