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The Places Most Likely To Pass You on Your Restricted & Full In Auckland

I have had a long sneaking suspicion that it isn’t in Drive Instructors best interests to let you pass your test. Letting you pass your test is like McDonald’s giving you a burger that allows you to never feel hunger ever again. I have a friend who was failed because they were “too cautious” at an intersection, meaning they didn’t fly out into the tiniest gap when given the opportunity.

Anyway, any edge you can get to pass your test should be taken. So using a document released by the NZTA under the Official Informations Act giving official pass rates around the country I’ve created a list of places in Auckland with their official pass rates from 2015. The list is ordered by which places have the highest restricted pass rate. People passing their Full licence seem to have a slightly easier time of it.

Restricted Pass rate in 2015 (%) Full Pass rate in 2015 (%)
VTNZ North Shore 85 74
VTNZ Frankton 73 81
AA Meadowlands 61 71
AA Orewa 61 72
VTNZ Pukekohe 60 66
Northcross Driver Testing Centre 58 70
VTNZ Sylvia Park 56 75
AA Manukau 52 59
AA Penrose 52 66
VTNZ Westgate 52 61
AA Westgate 43 57

I need to reiterate these numbers are from 2015, so things could have changed in the last two years, but if you’re look for a sure thing, the North Shore VTNZ has double the pass rate of the AA Westgate.

Interesting data points in the list show that you’re more likely to pass your test in one of the regions than one of the cities. So maybe heading out of town will give you an easier time of it.

Next week I’ll tell you all the dodgy AA places that will give you a Warrant of Fitness no matter how smashed up your car is!

Note: If you have any street wisdom about how this data may have changed, hit me up in the comments.